Algebra II Syllabus


Wheeler High School

GSE Algebra II Course Syllabus Fall 2018

Ms. Alexander-VanEaton

B.S. Mathematics/Certified Gifted Mathematics Teacher

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Course Description 

             GSE Algebra II is the third course in a sequence of courses designed to provide students with a rigorous program of study in mathematics.  Instruction and assessment will include the appropriate use of manipulatives and technology. This course is required for graduation.


  • Quadratics (& Algebra) Revisited            
  • Operations with Polynomials
  • Polynomial Functions                               
  • Rational & Radical Relationships Exponentials/Logarithms                            


        We will not distribute a textbook for this class; however, there are textbooks available. If you would like to check one out for a resource to use at home please let me know.


         •         100 page composition Notebook

         •         Loose leaf paper and graph paper

         •         pencils

         •         TI-36 Scientific Calculator or TI83 or TI84 Graphing Calculator

         •         3 ring binder recommended with dividers; otherwise, folders to keep notes and handouts         


 Classroom Expectations                 Behavior Expectations:

•         Be on time, sitting in your assigned seat BEFORE the tardy bell sounds.

•         Arrive with Interactive notebook, pencils, homework and notes.

•         Quietly enter room and immediately pull out your homework and materials and begin working.

•         Exercise respect and courtesy for teachers, other students and their property at all times.  Keep your hands to yourself and speak appropriate language.

•         Raise your hand/ask for permission to speak or to leave your seat, even to sharpen you pencil or throw away something, or ask a friend for help.

•         Remain actively involved in class until dismissed by the teacher. You are required to take notes in class and work on assignments during class time. Use                   class time wisely: No sleeping or playing with cell phone/electronic devices!

•         Dress appropriately; adhere to dress code policy.

•         No personal grooming, food, drinks, or gum is allowed in the classroom.

•         No perfume, body spray, or fragrant lotions is allowed in the classroom.

•         The classroom is to remain neat and clean.  Clean up any trash on/around your desk, disposing of it as you exit the classroom.


   Academic Expectations:

•         Students are expected to arrive in class with the necessary tools and prepared for learning. 

•         Supplies must be brought to class every day. 

o         Strongly recommended: A TI-36X Pro (under $20 at many retail stores), or TI-83 calculator will be used in class. I strongly recommend that each student                 purchase a calculator for their individual use as student’s will not be able to borrow calculators for use at home! You may use the online calculator                  at home if you do not own a calculator.

o         Required: 100 page Composition Notebook, loose-leaf notebook paper, graph paper, pencils with erasers, folders.

o         Optional: Class 3-ring binder, dividers, colored pencils/highlighter.

•         Meet all deadlines for assignments.  LATE WORK MAY NOT RECEIVE FULL CREDIT (Only exception is an excused absence). Assignments left at home or in                 the locker are not excused. No homework will be accepted after the unit test has been given.

•         Do your best work at all time.  Your work should be neat and well organized or it will not be graded.

•         Credit will not be given for work that is incomplete and does not show the process used to derive the answer; No Work = No Credit!

•         Be honorable.  Do your own work.  Get help when you need it.

**CELL PHONE / MP3 PLAYER POLICY – Any cell phone or electronic that is in use is disruptive to the classroom / school environment and thus will result in  phone call home and a discipline referral / write up for repeat occurrences if a student uses a phone during class without permission.  Any cell phone use during assessments will be considered cheating and will result in a grade of zero.

Daily Work

                     Classwork will be given daily. You should start work as soon as you enter the classroom.  Class assignments do have a time constraint and will be graded for completion and on occasion for accuracy.  Homework is due the following day unless otherwise announced in class.  Late homework may be accepted until the day of the unit assessment only.

The key to mastering mathematics is practice and practice correctly. Therefore, homework will be assigned every day and its completion is necessary for your success in this class.  Homework will be checked for completion.  You will have an opportunity each day in class to ask questions regarding homework. Remember you may not receive credit for late work unless your absence is excused.

**classwork and homework will be graded daily and are typically graded for completion but may also be checked for correctness.  Assignments ar graded on a 5 point scale. (0pts did not complete or incomplete, 1 pt no work shown or inaccurate work, or homework pink slip is submitted. See rubric for other scores.) Daily grades will be added together on test quiz days.  Example: a 20 point grade = 4 assignments total.

Absences and Grades

                    A grade of zero (0) will be given for all missed work.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get what you need from the makeup folder, via email, or there may be a link on my blog to the assignments.  It is your responsibility to talk to me within two days of your absence to schedule any make-up quizzes or tests. 

Final Exam

             Quizzes will be given frequently and may or may not be announced. Students who earn Below 75% on their quiz can replace this grade with the end of unit test grade of up to 75%.  Students with a quiz grade higher than a 75% may not have their quiz grade replaced with their test.  **Quiz scores will only be replaced by a test score if test grade is higher than the original quiz grade grade**

Tests and Quizzes

         There will be at least one test each unit covering the material in that unit.

If a student earns Below 75% on a test: Students must  have completed all the homework for that unit and must complete test corrections in order to take the recovery test for that unit/section. This recovery grade will replace the test score up to a 75% **Recovery scores will only replace test scores if they are higher than the original grade** 75 and above: Not eligible to participate in recovery.

There will be a cumulative final exam at the end of the semester worth 10% of your final grade. You may be able to exempt the final if you qualify.  Please refer to the school handbook for the requirements to exempt finals.

Help Sessions

          Please do not hesitate to ask for help.  Do not wait; it will only hurt you in the long run.  Although there may not be enough time in class to get assistance, there are other means available to you.  Help will be available Tuesdays and Thursday after school from 3:40-4:30 (Location TBA).  I’m available twice a week for help after school from 3:40-4:15, unless there’s an after school meeting.  I will announce my days in class and on my webpage if there are changes to my availability, so please be sure to check online. 

Make-up Work           

               Attendance is an extremely important part of this class.  Your success in Algebra II (as well as any other class), is contingent upon your being here.  You cannot be successful if you are absent frequently.  If you are absent at any time, you will follow the school’s policy for make-up assignments (number of days absent plus one additional day).  It will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get the tasks, notes, and/or assignments that you may miss.  Work with a partner in class to get the notes, or check with me for a printed copy as well as any other handouts that may have been distributed.    If you miss an announced test or quiz, you may be expected to make it up during class on the day of your return, and will then be responsible for catching up on the material covered in class. 

Grade Percentage  Break-down:  

Tests                                           50%

Quizzes                                      20%

Daily Assignments                   20%

Final Exam                                10%

Grading Scale:         

90 – 100%      A       

80 – 89%        B

74 – 79%        C

70 – 73%        D

69 & below    F

*Any item on here may change with prior announcement.  Please ask if you are unsure